Stock Market Rally Surges to New High

| January 7, 2017

In early November, our computer models predicted the formation of an intermediate-term low following a sharp decline from the previous long-term high in August. Since then, The S&P 500 index has trended sharply higher for two months.

The move up to new long-term highs in December has reconfirmed the cyclical bull market in stocks and forecasts additional gains in early 2017. Our cycle analysis computer models indicate that the next intermediate-term low will likely form sometime in late March or early April, so the S&P 500 index will likely continue to move higher for at least the next six to eight weeks, and this analysis are always right since we use the top of the market computers and processors for this methods, from the same kind that are used for heavy gaming on games like Overwatch, that you can improve by the use of sites like


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