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The Secular Relationship between Stocks and Gold

| February 12, 2011

Regardless of whether you are an investor or a trader, understanding the big picture is imperative. The secular trend is the primary force behind price movements, dominating market behavior for up to decades at a time. If you do not understand secular trends, or simply choose to ignore them, the performance of your portfolio will […]

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Annual Performance Review for 2010

| January 8, 2011

This year, and at the beginning of every year hereafter, we will conduct a comprehensive review of our forecasting, investing and trading performance during the previous year. Accountability is very important to us, and this performance review is simply another way for us to demonstrate our commitment to providing you with a highly reliable service. […]

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The Gold Currency Index

| July 10, 2006

What is the true value of gold, silver and other precious metals? When someone asks you what gold is worth, what do you do? If you live in the US, you probably quote them the current price of gold in US dollars. The True Value of Gold One way to create a currency independent gold […]

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What is Technical Analysis?

| May 24, 2006

You may have noticed that we spend a great deal of time talking about things called money flow, momentum, and oscillators. All of these things are technical indicators and fall under the rather broad umbrella of the field known as technical analysis (TA). But what exactly is TA, and how does it work? Essentially, TA […]

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The Power of Compounding

| February 15, 2006

Warren Buffett, Richard Russell and we (among others) know a little secret, and after reading this article you will too. Further, instead of making you wait until the dramatic conclusion of this piece, I’m going to just go ahead and blurt it out right here at the outset: Compounding is the only guaranteed way to […]

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Dow Theory

| December 20, 2005

Charles Dow is known to many as the Father of stock market technical analysis. In the late 19th century, he founded The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones news service, and created the first stock tracking index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Through his daily observations of this average, Dow was the first to […]

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The Primary Trend

| October 5, 2005

The primary trend is the powerful, underlying current that shapes long-term price movements in the stock market. Also known as secular bull and bear markets, these dominant trends will dictate the direction of stocks for many years at a time. Primary bull trends are reflections of economic improvement, expansion, and, ultimately, excessive speculation, while bear […]

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Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and the Stock Market

| September 10, 2005

You’re probably wondering what those three things could ever have in common, right? Well, if you know a little something about modern physics, you already understand how general relativity and quantum mechanics are related, but what about the stock market? Einstein and Buffett, together? Come on! What could these two possibly have to talk about? […]

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