Frequently Asked Questions

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  • You indicate that your forecasts and signals are based on an integration of technical and cycle analysis. Can you tell me more about these forms of analysis?

    A sample daily forecast is provided here and a sample real-time signal alert signal is provided here. For an introduction to technical analysis, read this article. For an introduction to our cycle analysis methodology, read this article.

  • You often mention “optimal entry points.” Can you tell me more about them?

    An optimal entry point, by definition, provides the potential for significant trading or investing gain with minimal associated risk. For a detailed discussion of optimal entry points, read this article.

  • You indicate that you review all of your past forecasts and signals for accuracy and then provide the results of that audit process to your subscribers. What is the performance review like and how are the audit results provided?

    Read the latest performance review here. The audit data are provided in Excel-compatible spreadsheets contained within the performance review.

  • I am a short-term trader who executes many trades per year. How would your service benefit me?

    Our subscribers employ a wide variety of trading and investing strategies. Our cycle analysis methodology correctly identifies 95 percent of all short-term inflection points as they occur while issuing false signals only 7 percent of the time, so our daily market forecasts and signal alerts enable you to select optimal entry points for all of your trades, both long and short.